How to use

To create a page at Mzplayer is very simple, assuming that you have a team at Managerzone.

Step 1.
Login to your Managerzone account.

Step 2.
Go to the teams alt. view (Club house/Players/Alt. View)
Club house / Players / Alt. View

Step 3.
Mark your players. If you like, you can mark all the text on the page (CTRL + A)
Mz-Player will automatically sort out the players.
If you only want to show some specific players, just mark those lines.
Copy thereafter the marked area, either with a quick command (CTRL + C) or by right click and choose the option "Copy".
Mark and Copy

Step 4.
Paste the text that is copied into the MZ-Player's text field.
Select sport and if you like to add comments and maxed/unmaxed attributes on the players and click on the "Save" button
Mark and Copy

Step 5.
If you have choosed to add comments and maxed/unmaxed attributes on the players, You'll have the opportunity to type this information on this page. If you are not completely certain about a players maxed/unmaxed attributes, leave the checkboxed unchecked. In the comment field, type whatever information you like. Many people uses this field to show what the player is currently training on, the players birthday (in mz-time), if the player is on the transfer, etc. When you are satisfied, click once again on "Save"

Step 6.
The page with your players is created
To show your players for others, copy the generated address ( and paste wherever you like.
Player display tool

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